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If you were wondering:  the shirt says BEN DAVIS - my high school (see below)

I taught broadcasting at Parkland College and was general manager of WPCD-FM (and writer/host of the High School Quiz Bowl television show) for 26 years.  

I retired in June 2007, and I'm now doing podcasts and writing a lot.

My best-selling book is The Metal Detecting Manual.

My newest work is a short manual called Tips, Tricks, and Secrets For Radio Disc Jockeys.

My other book is on coaching and managing adult slowpitch softball.

I do internet radio shows on metal detecting and old-time radio.  (I used to do one on softball, but I kind of ran out of topics there).

And I'm still playing on three softball teams every summer (and managing two of them).

Here's my old-time radio page, with lots of links.

And the Cincinnati Old-Time Radio Discussion Board for anyone who wants to talk about OTR.

My daughter Karen (11 years old at the time) and I are in this old-time radio video with the late Fred Foy, who was the announcer-narrator for the Lone Ranger.

I sell autographs in all fields, from politics to sports to show biz to newsmakers. 

I write, produce, and host a weekly old-time radio show for the local Reading-for-the-Blind radio station (and which you can listen to on the internet).

My wife Kathy teaches art  and creativity classes at her Kaleidoscope Art Studio.

My daughter Karen is in grad school. For seven years she taught at Pathways, an alternative high school.

Here's an overly-long story about my life in radio.

How I lost 35 pounds in four months, and have kept it off for ten years (and no,  I'm not trying to sell you anything).

How I built a backyard fire pit for twelve bucks (and I am NOT a handyman - Kathy will confirm this when she stops laughing).

Early shots from the family photo album .

We rub elbows with celebrities.

Karen Goes To Washington, 1999.

Here's the site I built for my graduating class at Ben Davis HS in Indianapolis, 1965.
(DISCLAIMER:  I am not responsible for the hairstyles).

And none of this impresses my family much.

And finally, here's your own personal audio greeting!

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